1- read the two articles (Hawaii says fix in place/ missile alert sparks terror) 
2- analyze the similarities and differences between two newspaper articles first body paragraph about focus and purpose of the article and second paragraph bout the tone and bias (one side favored over another) of the articles.( the article is the same topic but from different sources. )
3-Use the attached outline guides to write the 4 paragraph essay.  MLA formatted essay of about 600 words. (Academic paragraphs need to be 7-12 well-developed sentences in length.) 
The thesis is about first purpose and and focus of articles and seconf about the tone and bias of the article.
4- Begin your essay with an introduction that introduces the newspaper articles. At the end of the introduction include a thesis sentence that introduces the points being compared/contrasted 
5- write two body support paragraphs that each begin with a topic sentence focused on a main point from the thesis.
6- end the essay with a conclusion that summarizes your points and gives final thoughts.
7.Include a MLA formatted Works Cited at the end of the essay.

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