Posted: June 15th, 2021

ESL Wk1 DQ1 and DQ2..150 words for each DQ

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DQ 1: BICS and CALP refer to the productive and receptive language skills that ELLs possess. Underlying this is the Common Underlying Proficiency Theory (CUP), developed by Jim Cummins. Discuss the similarities and differences between the development of L1 (native language) and L2 (target language). 

DQ 2:  Your required reading describes various programs that have been used to support ELLs such as: ESL pullout, sheltered instruction, and bilingual education. Choose one of these options and describe why it best supports those students for whom English is an additional language. 
Clark, K. (n.d.). The Case for Structured English Immersion. EDUCATIONAL
LEADERSHIP, 66(7), 42–46. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-com.

Khatib, M., & Taie, M. (2016). BICS and CALP: Implications for SLA. Journal of Language
Teaching & Research, 7(2), 382–388.

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