Entrepreneurial Finance

I have an Entrepreneurial Finance Midterm Exam please answer the following questions:

1-  Identify some types of financing that are associated with the following stages of new venture development: Research and Development, Start-up, Early Growth, Rapid Growth and Equity.

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Entrepreneurial Finance
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2- What is Venture Capital Fund? How is it created and organized? What role does it play in the capital formation process of a start-up venture? How do Venture Capital Funds add value to the business? 

3- Define Cost of Capital for a new Enterprise. Describe the various layers of the capital structure and how they can be used to balance the Cost of Capital.

4- How are product- market, organizational, and financial strategies independent? Why is it important for new ventures to consider them at the same time as opposed to one after the other? Give examples

5- Why is forecasting revenue the logical starting point for preparing a new venture’s financial statements? 

6- Describe the roles of the income statement, balance sheet, and the statement of cash flow, How do they interact with each other in forecasting process?

7- Describe the Calculation of Cash Flow and cite the numerous uses for it in evaluating financing and reacting to change 


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