Posted: June 9th, 2021

English research Paper

 First I need 4 pages of Initial Draft and then i need 8-10 pages of final paper. This is English Class
This video walks you through the process of creating an outline for yourResearch Paper. Once you have an outline in place it is time to begin writing that rough draft. But first the outline:

Here is a link to help you compose your rough draft:
As you work on this paper do remember that I expect at least 4 full pages of your paper as your rough draft. Do not submit an outline. It must be a draft.
The Rough Draft must be submitted in 2 places:
1. To the link below (RD)
2. To the Peer Review Discussion Board link below
The minimum requirements of the Rough Draft are:
1. Minimum 4 pages
2. MLA formatted and saved as a Word document
3. Works Cited page must be the 5th page
4. It cannot be an outline – it must be a rough draft. If you are unsure as to what a rough draft looks like then please refer to Chapter 2.3 of your textbook.

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English research Paper
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