English (Perspectives.)

Length Requirement: 4-5 pages of content
Format: MLA
For this assignment you will turn to incorporating multiple perspectives on the issue into a single paper. This paper should feel much more like a traditional essay, except I am not looking for you to take a stance on the issue (that will come in the final paper). 
This essay should begin with an introduction to your selected societal issue and then move into at least three perspectives on the issue. These will likely be selected from the sources you listed in your annotated bibliography. It would be advantageous if the perspectives differ in significant ways, either in approach or what they conclude about the problem. 
The key to this paper will be to discuss some of the key aspects of the problem, while presenting and analyzing the points made by your sources. Remember, this is your paper and does not belong to any other writer. So you should be selective in what you quote from your sources.
As discussed in earlier postings, you can use some material from your previous papers.
Please refer to the assigned readings for some helpful tools to use when integrating sources into a paper. 

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English (Perspectives.)
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