ENGL 1301

100 word sentence.

They climbed the mountain. The view was tremendous. 

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ENGL 1301
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You’ll have to stretch the sentence to at least 100 words using the formula below.

Dependent clause, independent clause dependent clause, FANBOY dependent clause, independent clause dependent clause.

Example: “The workers harvested the crop.”

As the tawny sun began its slow and deliberate journey toward the waiting horizon in the blossoming hours of the gloaming, backs, bent and broken from months, even years, of hard, unforgiving labor on the fruitful land, could be seen moving slowly down the rows of dusty green tiger-striped watermelon in an effort to finish the day’s labor before the daylight gave way completely to the lesser light of the night; one of the migrant farm laborers, a girl no more than nineteen years old who had tired of turning her face constantly to the earth, stood up, straightened her back and stretched her arms and eyes toward the heaven like a vine that puts all of it’s energy into growing closer to the ecstatic sun.


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