Employee Portfolio Management Plan

As a manager at Riordan Manufacturing I recently had three employees take a series of self-assessments. I did this so that I could help manage them effectively. Now that I have these assessments, I will create an Employee Portfolio for each of the employees as a help guide in developing ways to manage them. The first assessment taken was, how satisfied am I with my job? This basically is your general attitude about the job. The higher the score the more satisfied the employee. Amber scored the highest at 73 points.
Amber is a highly motivated employee, but complains very openly when she is upset. Chris scored a 62 on the assessment. He is a positive employee but could be more flexible on his working habits. Last is Taylor, who scored a 58. She is motivated but likes to go out of her way to help others. This has caused a few problems in branch she works in. The second assessment taken was the am I engaged? This scale measures work engagement. The higher the score, the more engaged an employee.
Taylor scored the highest on this assessment with a 35. Taylor is determined to do the job right but sometimes gets too detail oriented. This causes her work to be late. Chris scored a 32 on the assessment. Chris is a natural leader but has a tendency to get too involved with some of his surroundings. Last is Amber who scored a 25. Amber is persistent which can result in unnecessary talking. The third assessment is how are you feeling right now? This scale ranges 10 to 50, the higher the score the more positive the emotions.

Taylor scored the highest at 39; she is a very upbeat young lady who can be emotionally sensitive at times. Next is Chris with 32, he is a self-confident young man but sometimes is insensitive to the needs of others. Last is Amber who scored 27. Amber is a happy individual but gets easily depressed if something upsetting happens. The next assessment is what’s my affect intensity? This assessment measures the strength of an emotion. Scores range from 10 to 50, the higher the score; the more intense the emotion is felt.
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Taylor scored a 35, Amber scored a 28, and Chris scored a 23. My recommendations to the three employees are as follows: Taylor should complete her task in the time allowed and not worry about the small insignificant details. Amber should not get too caught up in non-work related conversations. This takes away from the company and allows for personal problems to take place. My recommendations to Chris are that when in social settings, keep it social. When at work, keep it work related.

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Employee Portfolio Management Plan
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