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It is now that our political leaders and decisions have made up for what they were accounted for and have provided the back-bone of America today. Our government is what establishes America’s decisions. Although some consequences can be made from what their previous aspects were, and how some of the decisions have made distrust in the government from Americans, it is only with said that, “Their failure to act, their failure to make decisions, is itself an act that is often of greater consent ounces than the decisions they do make. It’s not necessarily the cause and effect of their decisions, but the act f speaking for America and doing something about the complications that arises within our world and our country to do the best they can to provide security and freedom even though there are limitations to freedom for security. Mills has stated, “The assumption that the security of the nation supposedly rests upon great secrecy of plan and intent. Along with the statement, “With the wide secrecy covering their operations and decisions, the power elite can mask their intentions, operations, and further consolidation. ” I believe Mills is pointing out the directive of our national security being in the hands of the political officials because the government is the elite officials of America and has the authority to reach beyond the limits of other powers. Some may say the military is the elite of America because of the power and figure they portray.
One may believe that the military is the most elite because they have more representatives, leaders and followers than those of our political leaders. One may obtain the fact that the military protects and has the secrecy of the united States in withstanding war power, but this is not accurate concerning the fact that the government has authority over the litany’s actions. Mills has stated, “The military order, once a slim establishment in a context of distrust fed by State militia, has become the largest and most expensive feature of government.. Thus proving my element for elite power containing that the military is not established without the governments control and authority to make decisions for the military. One may believe that corporate has the most elite power over all, but corporations only have financial power not power over the decisions that are made within our country financially. Our political establishments indeed are ended by corporate, but they cannot make the decisions nor have the authority to do what the government can.
The government tells corporate where to spend their money and what they can spend it on. “The decisions of a handful of corporations bear upon military and political as well as upon economic developments around the world. ” Mills has stated which is proof along with my statement on economic decisions going through the government before corporate is able to take action on what they are deciding to do. In conclusion political officials are the most elite of the United States today.

My opinion is not disregarding the other elite powers Mills has claimed above, but only withstanding that political power is the most elite out of the two other objectives. Nothing can go forward without the government’s approval and action to speak for Our country. Military is just a figure of power for the people to obtain a sense of hope and security for our country along with corporate financial aid to help establish what needs to be conquered within our society and to help what decisions the government makes. “Everyone knows somebody has got to run the show, and that somebody usually does. ” (C. Wright Mills)

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