Elevator Speech Draft

Elevator Speech Audience: Diana Gale Purpose: To outline strategies for developing a publicly supported wasteland augment policy “Seattle Waste utility faces a challenging new mission: not only is the agency t asked with its previous responsibility of delivering waste management services, it is now task ked with developing waste management policy. With the approaching deadline to Rene w the contract with the King County landfill, the utility is faced with an opportunity to recon mend a new longer waste management policy.
You have already accomplished a great deal by building SSW into an organize Zion that can be effective in developing policy, but local organizations, politicians and meme beers of the public have strong, competing perspectives about waste management in Seat tale. In addition, confidence in Saw’s ability to recommend a policy is low. Under these conditions, it is best if SSW does not make a recommendation a bout a longer waste management policy alone. Instead, you should engage key organization s and individuals whose support could strengthen Saw’s legitimacy.
TO determine a longer asset disposal policy, we recommend that you pursue one of two participator decommissioning processes: the first includes the the public, along with local p Laotians and administrators. If time constraints allow, we feel that this is your best bet to in crease Saw’s legitimacy and gain support and cooperation for the policy. The second excels vilely includes local politicians and administrators. This second process would increase the u utility legitimacy on a more limited level, but may be preferable if time constraints prevent you from pursuing the more inclusive process. ”

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Elevator Speech Draft
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