Effective Human Relations in Organization

Presence Introduction In a competitive, global economy it has become evident that the differences leading to organizational success have become smaller and smaller. Organizations have to work to set themselves apart in many ways beyond offering a quality product or service. For example, a professional appearance and behavior can help set apart different organizations. In the extremely competitive legal industry, professionalism is incredibly important. Coronet, 2006) This paper will analyze the Professional Law Firm scenario, looking at issues related to professionalism as well as what makes anemone a professional in the author’s field (financial sales). Part I In this scenario, I viewed a lawyer in a professional law firm. The scenario noted that what contributes to making a lawyer appear professional. This included things like appropriate formal business attired as well as personality characteristics such as being assertive, tactful, having a professional vocabulary, good posture, being aware of personal space, and strong communication skills.
In this scenario, the individual appeared to be professional. He was dressed in an appropriate suit, and was well- groomed. Based on the scenario presented, there was little indication that the lawyer was anything less than completely professional. Part II Professionalism in the financial sales industry is parallel to professionalism in the legal industry in many ways. One of the ways that they are similar is as it relates to dress. Financial sales representatives are encouraged to wear formal business attire, like dark suits and conservative ties, when they are meeting with clients. Coronet, 2006) When they are in the office the dress code is a bit more relaxed, but still is business casual at a minimum. The goal of this dress code is to create the effect that he employee is a professional, and will deal with the client as a professional. (Coronet, 2006) In addition to clothing, there are other attributes that help a financial sales representative appear professional. A first trait is the ability to prioritize the client’s needs above issues related to commission compensation.
Financial representatives tend to be paid heavily on commission, which means that they have a strong incentive to sell financial products. (Gale, 1991) A professional financial representative will be able to ignore the commission issues in favor of suggesting a product that meets the needs of the specific client. The ability to prioritize the client’s needs above compensation is something that I practice on a daily basis; there is always a temptation to suggest a more expensive product but, in the long term, repeat business will be limited if I were to think of myself instead of the client.

A second element of professionalism at my Job is strong communication skills. I meet with 3 to 4 clients per day, and there is a tremendous amount of conversation about life and financial goals. Financial representatives who are unable to communicate directly, confidently, and objectively with clients tend to quit the repression within the first year. The turnover rate in my profession is around 90% in the first year, which means that only the most motivated and most professional last. Selectman, 1986) Conclusion In conclusion, in the modern globalizes economy, professional is critical for personal and organizational success. In my Job as a financial representative, our professionalism plays a huge role in how many sales we will be able to make. Some defining characteristics of professionalism in the field include proper attire, the ability to prioritize client needs above commission issues, and strong communication kills.

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Effective Human Relations in Organization
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