Posted: June 20th, 2021

Educational Outings

Educational Outings- L2B Leeds Tropical World This is a very popular Tropical Haven where you will find a range of exotic fish, reptiles and Birds from all around the world, all in various theamed room’s to match their natural environment such as- The Butterfly Room- This room holds up to 40 different varieties of butterflies and it is also an ideal place for them to breed in a mature habitat.
Step Ashore- This is the room which is based on a tropical island where many animals will be found in what appears to be there natural environment. The Amazon Tank- In this room there are many different species of tropical fish from all around the world. Desert House and Meerkats- This is the room where you are introduced to many different species of birds from places such as south America and the Canaries. Amazon South America tank- This room holds rare whistling ducks in its ponds creating an Amazonian environment.
Creature Corner- This room involves many reptiles such as lizards, snakes and tortoises and many other reptiles. What will children learn from tropical world? Tropical world will introduce a child to animal’s in what appears to be their natural habitat, they will see a range of reptiles, birds, fish plants and gardens all in what apperas to be their home. This will help children learn activley and it will give them a better understanding of animal life.

It will give them an oppourtunity to learn activley outside of the classroom, seeing smelling and hearing instead of reading out of a book. Tropical Room’s- Birds eye view of tropical world Potential Hazards- Ponds/Swamps- People could slip or trip into the water causing a fatal injury, minor injury or worse. Rocks from walls- Rocks could fall off the wall and onto the walk way and cause someone to trip and injure themselves. Ropes on Bridges- People could fall onto the ropes and fall over them or get rope burn from them.
Steps- People could Trip and fall over them. Risk Assessments for Hazards- Ponds/Swamps- Follow instructions and rules at all times to ensure safety to you and others, Stay within a safe distance of the water to be on the safe side. Rocks from walls- Be well aware of your surroundings and staff keep all rocks secure and safe. Ropes on Bridges- Stay aware and away from all ropes keep small children in sight at all times to avoid aany risks of an accident. Steps- Have signs marking where steps are such as ‘please mind the step’ in order to keep people aware.
Educational Outings- Temple Newsam Temple newsam is a freindly open space environment with miles and miles of greenary, ponds, streams and rivers. There is also Temple Newsam House a historic land mark, Court with shops and The very popular temple Newsam Farm where part of the landscape is covered with various farm animals and settings of what farm life was like back in the day, Also a newly built park for childrens entertainment. Birds eye view of Temple newsam farm and house What will Children Learn from temple newsam?
Children will learn a large amount from of useful things from a day out at Temple Newsam, The farm will teach the children all about farm animals, the environment they live in, the food they eat and how farm life used to be. They will learn from a variety of historic farm setting’s, the animals there pens and the descriptions situated around the farm. The historic house will walk the children back in time as they move from room to room and it will teach them all about how the past owners and their families lived in their time. Potential Hazards-
Slipping on animal mess- If animal mess is lying around people could slep on it causing themseves harm. Falling into animals pen- If the fencing around the animals are too low then people could fall into the pen or children could climb in. Getting bitten by an animal- If people put their hands into the pens they could be bitten by one of the animals if they are not careful. Tripping over steps- In the house courtyard or farm people could trip over steps. Risk Assessments for Hazards- Slipping on Animal mess- Farm keeps should ensure that all animal mess is cleared from visitors walk ways as quick as possible.
Falling into animals pen- Ensure that the fences of pens are a resonable height to prevent people from falling in or leave signs up warning of low fencing. Getting bitten by an animal- Leave signs warning people not to feed the animals if there is a danger of being bitten . Tripping over steps- Put clear signs up ‘mind your step’ to be sure people will see it and hopefully avoid tripping. TEMPLE NEWSAM HOUSE TEMPLE NEWSAM FARM TEMPLE NEWSAM COURTYARD ONE OF MANY GARDENS TEMPLE NEWSAMS HISTORIC HOUSE AND ROOMS
Educational Outings- Leeds museum Royal Armories Leeds museum of Royal Armories is memorabilia from different era’s of past wars, showing members of the public Arms, Armours, Artillery and different military atire. This museum consists of 40AD Befor the Romans, 400AD Twilight of the Roman City, 1080AD Conquerors of Castle, 1200AD The Castle Enlarged, 1240AD The Classic Castle, 1300AD Apogee of the Medieval Castle, 1547AD The Tudor Power House, 1700AD Showplace of the nation, 1841AD The Great Conflagration, 1890AD Remedievalisation of the castle, 1940AD The castle at war, 2000AD the tower at war.
These memories are kept safe to hold to teach future generations. Leeds Royal Armories Birds eye view BIRDS EYE VIEW OF ROYAL ARMORIES MAIN ENTRANCE What will children learn from here? From the Royal Armories children will learn all about past wars, how they worked, how they fought, what they fought with and how they dressed. They will be able to study them and increase their knowlegde of them. They will learn all about the Medieval times whilst working amoungst friends gaining social skills.
Potential Hazards- Slippery floors- People Could slip over if there has been a spillage or the floors have just been cleaned/mopped. Car Parks- If people are not being aware whilst driving or walking through the car park their could be an accident. Statues- Statues could be knocked over causing breakage or knocking into someone causing injury. Weapons- if the weapons are knocked over they could cause somebody harm or damage to other parts of the museum. Risk Assessments for Hazards-
Slippery floors- Put up a wet floor sign after cleaning or a spillage until the floor is completly dry. Car Parks- Be aware of the cars in the car park and watch where your going at all times to prevent crashes or other accidents. Statues- Leave signs up ‘Do not touch’ keep an eye on children at all times to prevent people from touching the statues. Weapons- Put signs up ‘Do not touch’ and ensure that they are secure in the museum to prevent accidents.

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