EDU 541 Module 2 For Fortified

Module 2 Discussion:
Based on the background readings, especially McEwan-Adkins (2003), write an original post that answers this question: How can a principal be an instructional resource for staff? Be sure to incorporate and cite background readings in your post. Respond to at least 3 classmates’ posts (by posing thoughtful questions, extending their arguments, incorporating sources, and otherwise adding to the substance of their posts; your responses should not merely repeat what others have said). 

Module 2 Case:
Use the readings in Module 2 and any other relevant sources to write a 3- to 4-page paper that answers the following questions:

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EDU 541 Module 2 For Fortified
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What is a principal’s role as an instructional leader? Use the readings to shape your vision for instructional leadership and to support the points you make in your paper.
From your experience with schools, do most principals act as instructional leaders?

Support all points you make with material from the background readings. Be sure to utilize proper APA formatting for your paper and citations.
Assignment Expectations
 Your assignment will be assessed according to the Rubric.

Module 2 SLP:
For each SLP in this course, you will be designing a 45-minute professional development session for a given topic; the topic and audience will change with each module. For each Module, you should submit all materials you would use to deliver this professional development session (e.g., an agenda, a PowerPoint, and handouts). At a minimum, you should submit for each Module:

one agenda (1 page)
a PowerPoint (15 slides)
and one handout (2-pages)

The above list is just a minimum, so you can be creative and add other resources as are appropriate to your presentation. If possible, make the professional development session interactive so that your audience is doing more than sitting and listening during the 45 minutes. Be sure to incorporate sources from the background readings and to cite all sources in APA format.
For the Module 2 SLP, you will be creating a 45-minute professional development session. You will assume the role of school principal, and your audience will be your teaching faculty. Please create a professional development session that you would use to introduce a new instructional strategy to your faculty. You can select any instructional strategy, but you should identify the strategy and give examples of its use in your session. Your presentation should also demonstrate an understanding of aspects of instructional leadership from the background readings.
SLP Assignment Expectations
 Your assignment will be assessed according to the Rubric.


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