Posted: June 20th, 2021

EDU-534 Lesson Plan

Create a lesson plan for one of the topics in your draft syllabus for which you created a formative assessment. Your lesson plan should align to academic standards and the objectives you drafted for that topic, and should give a description of the formative assessment. The entire lesson plan should be completed, so that a faculty member could pick up that plan and teach the lesson. In order to complete the lesson plan, you will also need to choose a textbook for the course you are writing. On many websites, you can review the chapters of the textbook so that you can see what is covered in the book. Choose a textbook in which you can review the chapters, and assign a reading in the lesson plan that students should complete before they get to class. Using that reading as the background knowledge students will have, develop the lesson plan and instructional activities. Do not forget that you drafted activities when you wrote your domain and competencies and may be able to use those.
This lesson plan must be unique and cannot have been submitted to any other course. You will submit your lesson plan and formative assessment to your instructor as one deliverable.

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EDU-534 Lesson Plan
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