Instruction Evolves with Technology”  Please respond to the following:

Historically, in colleges and universities, each instructor was able to create their own class. If there were ten (10) sections of EDU 541, each section would have different books, learning outcomes, and assignments. With the evolution of online learning, it became easier to create one master course and copy ten (10) sections of that course so that each instructor is teaching the same course with the same books, learning outcomes, and assignments. Select and complete one (1) of the scenarios below. Explain your response.

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I am the Professor: I have been teaching Economics 101 at ABC University for fourteen (14) years. Nobody knows this content and how to teach it better to students than I do. I object to teaching a copied course created by someone else because…
I am the LMS Administrator: I am in charge of a total of 440 sections for the university. I don’t have the resources to support each instructor creating their own class. I support using one (1) master course for Economics 101 because…
I am the President of the University: I am in charge of ensuring that we work together to respect each other’s opinions and be collaborative in our decisions. May I suggest the solution below that could work for everyone…


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