Due Friday by 1030 pm

This module you will be asked to provide information about the target population your agency will serve. Make sure to discuss the following:

What is the primary demographic make-up of your target population? Who you gonna serve, For an example if your gonna serve clients ages 2-18 include that in your paper. Be specific about who your clients gonna be? Be specific about their demographics, What age? What ethnicity? What race will you serve?  Will you serve all races and all ethnicity include it in the assignment.  
Will your staff require specialized training or certification to serve this population? Will you require your staff to have a college degree? If so what is the degree in? If they are to have some sort of certification is it CPR, crisis intervention, or case management certification?
How will you address the needs of clients that come for service from differing cultures than the primary demographic? Just do a cultural diversity model, You could talk about how to address clients from different cultures. You can mention that your staff goes to cultural diversity training, having interpreters that speaks your clients language, having case workers that are diverse etc.

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Due Friday by 1030 pm
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Primary demographic target population identified. 10 pts
Discussion pf staff training and/or certification included. 20 pts
Identifies plan to address cultural diversity. 20 pts
Discussion to specific or general cultural service model included. 40 pts 
Spelling and Grammar mechanics. 10 pts


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