Dual film analysis paper | Literature homework help

Must be 7-8 pages in length using TNR 12 pt font and 1 inch margins.

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Dual film analysis paper | Literature homework help
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Must have an academic source. The textbook may be used. (Your films are not sources)

Should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

You may use either MLA or APA.

Your paper should discuss the following:

Plot synopsis of both films no more than 1 paragraph each. 

What interpersonal concept connects the two films? Are they both about friendship, love, gender, conflict, identity, etc? Once you have found the theme then compare and contrast the way in which its message is being presented.

Apply Interpersonal Communication Concepts to the films. In other words, which theories were evident in the films? How were said concepts portrayed

Who is the audience for the films? What are they teaching the targeted audience about interpersonal communication?

Your thoughts on the films and what you gained by viewing them.


The films are listed below and are in pairs. You MUST do both films in the pair. ALL students must do this paper. As a class we will be donating money to an organization

Transamerica and Fight Club

The Birdcage and Changeling

In & Out and Swingers

Mi Vie en Rose and The Hangover

Mi Vida Loca and Falling Down

North Country and Boys in the Hood

Monster and Little Miss Sunshine

Waiting to Exhale and Beauty and the Beast

A League of Their own and The Women of Brewster Place

Brokeback Mountain and Wedding Crashers

Mi Familia and Little Miss Sunshine

The Joy Luck Club and But I’m a Cheerleader

Some Like it Hot and She’s the Man

Milk and Whale Rider

Murderball and Fried Green Tomatoes

Mean Girls and The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

Precious and 13 Going on 30

The Color Purple and Any of the Rocky Movies

Boys Don’t Cry and Legally Blonde

Kids and Hairspray

Falling Down and Malcolm X

My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Philadelphia

Bend it Like Beckham and Billy Elliot


The Messenger and The Devil Wears Prada

The Silence of the Lambs and Forest Gump

Million Dollar Baby and Miss Congeniality

Meet the Parents and Lucas

What’s Love got to do with it and Casino

GI Jane and Sling Blade

16 Candles and Crash

High School Musical and Old School

Smoke Signals and Pocahontas

Friday Night Lights and Bring it On

Boogie Nights and Hustle and Flow

Any of the Madea films and Almost Famous

Paris is Burning and Born on the Forth of July

The Other Sister and Boiler Room

Walk the Line and Rock Star

Good Will Hunting and Limitless

Along came Polly and 8 Mile





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