Posted: June 23rd, 2021

Drug Legalisation

For a long period of time, there has been power struggle over the answer to this question. Legalization of the drug has been a debate for quite long and still it creates a bone of contention. There are supporting facts why the drug should be legalized, while others claim that it is harmful to the health of human being, and should therefore not be legalized.
In the real essence, marijuana is far from harmless, but it is far less dangerous than most of the drugs. In most cases, the drug is used as medicine to numerous ailments. For these reasons therefore, I am in support of the opinion that the marijuana should be legalized for possession and consumption.
Marijuana has no addictive based on its chemical substance. It is not physically addictive, and those who use it to get addicted make up a tiny minority of those who have tried using it. The use of marijuana does not raise any chance that the user may user some other hard drugs. In fact, marijuana is the most and widely used illicit drug, so it is one of the basics that most users of harder drugs try out sometimes early on. Studies show that marijuana is used for medicinal purposes.

Without reasonable doubt, it is confirmed that it is used for effective treatment of glaucoma and Alzheimer’s. Most of the people suffering from such diseases have gotten treatment through the use of marijuana, and they are healthy up to date. Some people argue that through the use of marijuana, there are increased chances of heart attack. They argue that marijuana can cause cancer and serious lung damage.
However, the increased risk of heart attack due to the use of marijuana is equal to the increased risk of heart attack due to strenuous exercise. Contrary to this ideology, research points out that smoking of marijuana can actually be beneficial to the lungs, because most of the people who smoke it do not inhale it in doses sizable enough that can impair their lung and brain functionality. In this precept, I fully support and agree that the government should legalize the possession and consummation of the drug.

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Drug Legalisation
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