Think about the articles you read regarding whether or not the word “ally” should be included in the LGBTQIA+ acronym and do 3 things (300 words per question): 
   A. List 1 reason why you think the LGBTQIA+ acronym should include ally
 B. List 1 reason why you think LGBTQIA+ acronym should not include ally
 C. Do you think A should include ally?
 Explain your reasoning
Discussion Post Guidelines:

(20%) LENGTH. Each answer should be approximately 300 words in length.
(40%) COMPREHENSION. Demonstrate an understanding and application of the course readings and any other outside reading you may choose to use to answer the question.
(20%) REFERENCES. You MUST cite using at least 1 citation per question: • All discussion postings are expected to integrate information from at least one of the readings, class materials, and/or from an outside empirical or reputable news source. You should cite both within the text and provide a full reference at the bottom of your post.

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PFLAG LGBTQIA+ terminology (Links to an external site.)
GLAAD Ally’s Guide to Terminology
5 Good Reasons Why the “LGBTQIA+” Acronym Shouldn’t Include “Ally” (Links to an external site.)
Adding “allies” to LGBT acronym sparking controversy (Links to an external site.)
9 Most Common Sexual Orientations (Links to an external site.)
The Asexual Spectrum: Identities in the Ace community


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