Discussion: Social Change Campaigns 1945–1970s

Discussion: Social Change Campaigns 1945–1970s
During the post–World War II period, a diverse group of activists emerged in the United States. From Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Caesar Chavez to Gloria Steinem, Russell Means, and Jane Fonda, they inspired and mobilized the public to speak out for social change. In some cases, their agency encouraged local, state, and federal agencies to pass legislation related to the issues these activists addressed. Each leader used various strategies to address key issues that people of color, women, and other marginalized people faced.
For this Discussion, you will focus on the effectiveness of social change movements in the modern civil rights era (1945 to the 1970s).
In preparation:

Review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the overall dynamics, issues, and dissensions of this era. How did the end of World War II affect different populations and communities? What impact did the war have on social trends and values?
With these thoughts in mind, consider the fundamental reasons for the emergence of key social change movements after 1945.
Think about the eventual effectiveness of these social change movements.
Reflect on the efforts of individual agents of social change during this time. Who were they? What inspired them to become activists? What strategies and tools were available to these activists that their earlier counterparts did not have? How did they apply these resources?

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Discussion: Social Change Campaigns 1945–1970s
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With these thoughts in mind:

Post a response to the Discussion Spark post civil  movement. Your response should contain at least two significant paragraphs. Read the Discussion Rubric as it will inform your writing. 

Also, Post ba 2- to 3-paragraph assessment of what you consider to be the most effective social change campaign or movement during the period of 1945–1970s. Address the following in your posting:

Identify the movement and the timeframe in which it began.
What issue(s) prompted this movement?
Who led this social change effort? What quality(ies) did this individual or group bring to the movement that helped to galvanize supporters?
What key challenges did the movement face?
Why do you consider this movement the most effective social change campaign during the modern civil rights era?
What changes occurred (or are still occurring) because of this movement?
What is still left to accomplish?


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