Discussion Question

These are open discussion topics. Do not think of these topics as questions you must answer.  The forum is meant for you to express your learning and questions and conclusions you have.
Do not go to some website and copy and paste. Use your learning this week to apply your analytical skills in order to further your learning.
Always, adhere by Berkeley College Academic Integrity policy.

These are the minimal expectations. Do not expect to receive full credit for minimal work.
Week 2 Discussion topic
After you have read the Karmani Wall Street Journal article, please comment on the following assertion in the article:  “Social welfare isn’t the driving force behind these trends. Healthier foods and more fuel-efficient vehicles didn’t become so common until they became profitable for their makers. Energy conservation didn’t become so important to many companies until energy became more costly. These companies are benefiting society while acting in their own interests; social activists urging them to change their ways had little impact. It is the relentless maximization of profits, not a commitment to social responsibility, that has proved to be a boon to the public in these cases.”
Do you agree or disagree with this statement?  Can you cite examples of companies who have a true commitment to social responsibility?  A few companies come to mind: Bombas, Tom’s and Starbucks-what are your thoughts?

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Discussion Question
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