Posted: April 18th, 2021

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Gurus of Large Group Interventions
                    Rafael posted 
A video I found to be most useful was by Marvin Weisbord titled “Getting the Whole System in the Room”. The video is approximately 27 minutes and 35 seconds long, and is a bit dry in terms of viewing due to his monotone expressive way of presenting. However, the video is full of a fantastic wealth of information when it comes to Future Search, and why he feels it is a vital approach of communication. In the video, Mr. Weisbord eludes to how leaders must take a broken record approach to their communications by constantly going over and over and over again is the message.  Mr. Weisbord stresses that the messaging within future search should be consistent and constant, vision and goal focused, unwavering, and should never miss an opportunity to reinforce and reiterate. In addition, the message can never be over-communicated, whereas in most cases it tends to be under-communicated.  The mission, vision, goals and even next steps must be shared, revisited, reemphasized, and monitored, constantly.  Within his thought process, these thoughts are critical in nature if an organization is to operate in a high-functioning and aligned manner.
Within various portions of the video, Mr. Weisbord touched on a series of major benefits when it comes to utilizing large-group methods within future search; thus outlining how to get the whole system into the room. These benefits allowed me to grasp a better understanding of the material presented within the background material for this module; such as getting the whole system in the room, thinking globally before acting locally, focusing on the future and the common ground, and self-managing / taking responsibility for action. Having a solid understanding within these areas allowed me to solidify an even better foundation of understanding when it came to future search. Some of those major benefits included:
· Decisions are informed by the whole system.
· A high degree of involvement and engagement and hence commitment is created.
· Collaborative behavior is encouraged.
· There is a high degree of organizational learning and the organization increases its capacity to adapt.
· People learn to value diversity and work with conflict.
· A sense of common vision and purpose is created.
· A huge groundswell of energy is generated to bring about change.
· Top management learn to let go of control and respond to feedback; people at the bottom (or in the middle) learn to act powerfully and contribute more confidently.
· New organizational norms about how to behave are created.
· People learn how to cope with uncertainty, complexity, confusion and the fluctuating emotions involved in planning strategic change.
· Top management can signal that they really are changing their way of bringing about change and managing the company.
· A large number of people can be involved.
· A high degree of personal responsibility is encouraged – dependency and counter-dependency are minimized.
· People learn self-management and facilitation skills.
One of the key points that I found fascinating within his video is how he eludes that large-group methods should not be contemplated where top management want to tell or sell, and have no intention of sharing power or implementing whatever has been decided in the event. He implies that they are only appropriate when top management are genuinely committed to involving their workforce or co-creating with them. If they do not respond honestly to feedback or demonstrate that they are “changing the way they do business”, more harm than good will be done.
Overall, I felt the context of the material was very well laid out and presented in a good manner which encourages listening fundamentals. As stated before, the video is a bit monotone in nature and long in length, but if one is able to dedicate some time to actually listening to the context of the material and messaging behind what Mr. Weisbord is presenting, they could walk away with a solid understanding of future search. I am not the least bit surprised as to why Mr. Weisbord is considered a leader within his field of expertise, and is a successful consultant.
Balasi – Sullivan. (2013). Marv Weisbord – getting the whole system in the room. Retrieved from the YouTube website:

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Discussion comment
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