Posted: June 17th, 2021

Discussion comment

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I need at least a 150-word comment for my class mate’s discussion
Making group decisions
Lucas posted 
To accomplish this discussion I searched several videos, first I searched for “professional group decision making”,  The first link below is for this video that showcased several different group decision making techniques.  Among the techniques described I found it helpful that this video goes into brainstorming and the benefits of having maximum creativity within the group.  It explains that one of the many advantages to this method is that the process can take place with only the group or with a facilitator.  This allows different group dynamics to still accomplish the decision mission.  I would recommend to my fellow classmates to use the video for your written assignments as it gives a good narration of several techniques and uses visual aids and text to highlight key points.  It also breaks down a multi step process in the end that closely resembles the Delphi process for group decision making.  
For the second search I looked for “amateur group decision making”.  I do not recommend looking for class appropriate videos under this search as bing took me down some of the dark depths of the internet.  I adjusted fire, cut out the amateur part and found a very amateur video in regards to decision making in a group.  This group attempts to make decisions around a friends party.  With no real explanation minus some title screen shots they go on location to… a car, and Target.  I would not recommend using this video in any future assignments unless you do not wish to have a thorough understanding of the subject or would like to have a failing assignment.  


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