Posted: June 15th, 2021

Discussion board/ replies and Article Analysis

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Discussion Board
What if you were asked to pick a research topic that dealt with all of the following: communication, perceptions of crime problems, individual behavior, and criminal justice policy? Can you think of a clear research idea that would implicate all four?

Article / Data Analysis Instructions
This purpose of this project is twofold:
1. To help you become more familiar with interpreting academic journal articles in the library database.
2. To become more familiar with reviewing empirical (research-based) literature and the findings presented.
For this assignment, choose a peer-reviewed journal article, from your references, that assesses a crime program or method.  
Read the article and write a 2-page review that includes the following:
1. A brief description of what the article addresses.
2. A summary of what the article is trying to accomplish. In other words, what hypothesis is the article testing?
3. The major findings of the article. 
4. Interpret their data. Do you agree or disagree? 
5. Do you feel you could you replicate the study based on their explanations? 
The assignment must follow current APA format.

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