Discussion board questions…need completed by 10 am central time 04/06/2020

1.  Consider and discuss the following terms or concepts:

Limited government-Liberal democracy
Capitalism and democracy
Separation of power – checks & balances?
Federalism – “States Rights” & government at the lowest level?
Judicial review & judicial power
The representative bureaucracy: to represent or to be representative
Majority rule vs. minority rights (de Toqueville’s tyranny question revisited)

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Discussion board questions…need completed by 10 am central time 04/06/2020
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2. What is the relationship between politics and administration in our system of government?
3.  Consider the relationships between the three branches of the federal government in today’s political climate.  What are the real powers of each of the branches in relation to the bureaucracy, and how do we control administrative discretion?
4. Discuss the concept of due process and the use of torts in controlling bureaucratic discretion
5.  What powers does Congress have to hold the President and the Executive Branch accountable?
6. What is the appropriate role of the courts in relation to the bureaucracy?
7. Considering that we have a federal system of government, what are the roles of each level of government, and how does this relate to Intergovernmental Relations (IGR)?
8. Explain the three models of federalism in Figure 6.1 in Holzer, and discuss their implications for federal, state and local relationships.
9. Discuss the concepts of shared services and the role of states in these processes.
10. Discuss government to government competition and public – private competition. What is the intent and appropriateness of such competition?


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