Posted: June 19th, 2021

Discussion Board Forum 2

 Create a SWOT analysis of the location you have chosen for your Case Study Project. A SWOT analysis is an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing this city/ town. Feel free to look up examples of SWOT analyses online to help you with this project. This analysis will become a part of your final project, so it would be wise to heavily invest in the process of creating this SWOT. In your bibliography, be sure to include any resources that you found helpful in explaining the SWOT analysis. This may help your peers who are struggling with creating their own SWOT analysis, and it will help you all as you approach the final stage in your case study project. Please add charts and biblical scripture.see comment  from teacher
The SWOT analysis Discussion Board should have been a large part of your final project that helped develop your research.  Personally, I like when individuals use the charts for the SWOT in addition to the analysis.  While this is not a necessity for the final project, it makes a good summary and a handy tool for the reader.  In this day and age of ADHD being so prevalent, it is always important to engage the audience in multiple ways.  In fact, research suggests that the more senses that the audience engages in then the more that they will take in and remember of the briefing.  That is why so many people often have a slideshow, a handout, a presenter, and various forms of presenting the information within those forums.
This week’s assignment is the second article review of the semester.  Remember, this is to be a brief summary of the article along with the analysis and critique of the information as it compares to this week’s and quarter’s readings.  Finally, be sure to incorporate scripture into the analysis section.  As I have pointed out previously, this article while not linked specifically to the final project should enhance the discussion with regards to the economic section, and even the action plan as it asks you to consider the networks which underscores economic development.
The verses of the week that I wanted to share with you are very familiar, but they are two of my favorites.  Proverbs 3:5-6 tell us to trust in the Lord not our own understanding.  After we do this, then, will he direct our paths.  May you seek the Lord so that He may direct your paths this week and always.

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Discussion Board Forum 2
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