discussion B 507

In our course we use the APA 7th Edition for all of our assignments and referencing. As you know, plagiarism is strictly forbidden and you must reference and cite your sources for your literature review, throughout the research process, and in your final concept paper which is a compilation of your entire research project. In this first week of course you will have to complete the APA Tutorial and this discussion board related to it. Please go to this website and view this 25 minute tutorial.  Furthermore, the YouTube videos take you through a “how to” on some basic APA 7th Edition formatting. Points come off for APA errors on your papers so it will help you to refresh your memory. Once you complete the tutorial please develop an original post addressing the following questions:
1.      What have you learned about the APA documentation technique?
2.       What is the most challenging aspect of APA for you?
3.       What do you think you need most assistance with as related to this course and the final paper?
4.       Did you find the tutorial helpful? Why or why not?

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discussion B 507
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