Discussion 250 words

 Describe the research question you are pursuing for your final project. When drawing a statistical conclusion, what would a potential Type I error be? A potential Type II error? Why is it important for researchers to understand these errors? 

This is the research you did 
Research question: “Does self-disclosure of the therapist improve eating disorder treatment.” 
Hypothesis: Self-disclosure of the therapist improves eating disorder treatment.
The key variables for this research are self-disclosure of the therapist and eating disorder treatment. This research will focus on online research whereby participants will be recruited from an eating disorder charity database. The participants will be asked about the status of their condition and how they feel about having the disorder. The neutral condition will be that the therapists will disclose their sexuality and their feelings towards the patients’ conditions and personality (Marziliano, Pessin, Rosenfeld, & Breitbart, 2018). 

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Discussion 250 words
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When responding to your classmates, discuss the extent to which you agree with the Type I and Type II errors they identified, and also provide your perspective on why understanding these errors is important for researchers. 


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