For this discussion assignment you will need to interview at least one member of the selected ‘out-group.’ Even if your IAT results showed no bias you must conduct this interview.
You must ask your interviewees the same set of questions (below). You must conduct your interviews in a respectful manner. During the interview, make sure you listen and think before you speak, imagine that a camera is recording your actions (would the recording portray you as humble, respectful, and empathic?), and project kindness onto your interviewee. You will NOT submit the full Q&A as part of the discussion assignment.

What does it mean to you to be a member of this group?
When and how did you become aware of your membership in this group?
Do you believe there are stereotypes associated with your group? If so, what are these stereotypes, and when did you become aware of them?
Have you been personally affected by prejudice, racism, discrimination, or bias as a result of being a member of this group?
What suggestions can you offer to encourage mutual respect among various groups?
What would you like others to know about being a member of your group?

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After conducting your interviews, discuss the following. Keep in mind your IAT results related to gender from last week:

What did you learn about your biases in this area from the interviews you conducted? If your IAT results did not indicate a bias, what did you learn about general biases toward your outgroup from your interview?
What else can you do to help reduce and/or eliminate any biases you may have? If your IAT results did not indicate a bias, what can be done at a societal or cultural level to help reduce and/or eliminate biases toward this outgroup?

500 word count no more than 500 do not put the response to the interview questions only two question


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