Copy and paste the link below onto your URL bar.  Once at the webpage (VIMEO) use the password “videos” to access the video entitled “The Unity of Living Systems”.  Password is case sensitive. 
Answer the following questions in your own words. Please don’t copy sentences out from the book or websites as such.  
1- What did you learn from this episode that you didn’t know before? What was new to you? What else did you find out on your own?
2- The information on the Human Genome Project is outdated in this video. How so? Why is the HGP so important?
Your answer should not be longer than 150 words (20 pts)
Do further research in the WWW to support your answers. Here you need to insert the link of the webpage you used to supoort your information! Do not copy and paste (i.e. plagiarism) instead extract or summarize the information!!! (60 pts)
Respond to a posting from one of your classmates. Response should be something meaningful not just ‘you are right’ or’ I agree with you’. (20 pts)

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