For this discussion activity, you will read three different types of written arguments–an article, blog entry, and opinion piece (see the links below)–that concern what many have dubbed “ The Crisis in the Humanities.” 

“Budget cuts at SUNY Albany to hit academic programs” 
Stanley Fish, “The Crisis of the Humanities Officially Arrives http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/11/the-crisis-of-the-humanities-officially-arrives/
Gregory A Petsko, “A Faustian Bargain” http://genomebiology.com/2010/11/10/138

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For this discussion activity, address the following:

Briefly describe the rhetorical situation and the central problem addressed in these texts.
For each text, a) identify the argument, b) list any fallacies present (provide examples from the text), and c) state how the author establishes common ground.
Explain how establishing common ground in one of the texts is an effective rhetorical tool or particularly persuasive.

Finally, remember that in order to be eligible to receive full credit for this discussion post, you must complete the discussion prompt and support your claims with evidence from the readings above. In addition to your original posting to the discussion prompt, you must also respond to at least two peers postings. Please consult the discussion rubric (located in the syllabus) for grading criteria.


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