For this week’s discussion post, I would like each student to share about a topic/issue (maybe 2) that you are considering for the Essay III assignment. If you weren’t in class, be sure to look at the assignment first. Once you have considered the assignment and topic options, you may reply to some of the following:
-Why did you choose this topic? How or why are you invested in this topic? Why is this topic important or relevant for schools/students today?
-What are some possible causes or effects your paper may present? Explore what things in a student’s life or experiences lead to this issue? How is a student affected by this issue in terms of their ability to succeed at their education or personal life? How might it affect them in the short term and long term? Feel free to share an example/experience, personal or not, that show the causes/effects.
-Discuss what you think young adults/students can do to impact this issue; what are some ‘possible solutions’ to this issue? What things could a school club or organization do to help? What activities can be done to help a student deal with this issue?
Essentially, I’m asking you to share about your possible topic/issue on Essay III (min. 300 for original post 

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