Discussion #1

Using the Structural Frame, choose a specific characteristic of the case – e.g., committees, budgets, strategy, etc., and explain in-depth how the Structural Frame informs the circumstances of the University of Missouri case. 

From a structural perspective, is there anything you would have done differently? Explain, incorporating at least 1 or 2 assumptions of the Structural Frame into your response. 

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Discussion #1
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Remember to perform some outside research, to properly cite your sources, and to demonstrate evidence of critical thinking in your response. 

Before the end of Module 1, be sure that you have responded to a minimum of two of your classmates’ postings. Remember that the Discussions are an assignment – they equate to a full 20% of your final grade; consequently, they require a minimum of 20% of the total effort you put forth into the overall course. In this context, the Discussions require additional research on your part, critical thinking, and graduate-level presentation (grammar, spelling, proper citation, etc.).


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