Discussing Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet

This movie is about Romeo and Juliet. Leonardo DiCaprio Is playing the Romeo part in this movie. And Claire Danes is play Juliet part. The movie is directed by Baz Luhrmann. He is a modern day version director. He directed this movie in 1996 and he only used 10% of Shakespeare language. Because we don’t speak same language as Shakespeare. Baz Luhrmann uses guns instead of swords and uses cars instead of horses. In the beginning of Romeo and Juliet we see a news reporter talking about the two households. Than the camera start zooming in and in. Then very quickly you see fair Verona.
The narrator says about two households both alike in dignity, In fair Verona where we lay our scene. From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, a pair of star-cross’s lovers take their life. When the narrator says those things the background music is very loud and the music is trying to tell us about the movie. By listening this music you could say that something bad will happen in this movie. Which will be very emotional and sad? Then you see a newspaper article where it says Montague’s v Capulet’s. And than you see helicopters, cars and people.
When that happens the background music become louder and louder and you see two buildings with the names at the top Capulet and Montague and Jesus Christ statue in the middle. The reason why the director put this statue in the middle to show that people in fair Verona want peace between these two families. We than see the shots of the city and the police. Than we see some of the main characters in the movie their, with and a description of who they are. The reason why the director shows us this is because he wants to tell us that these people and they will come in the movie latter on.

The scene changes and you hear a different music where three Montague’s are sitting in the yellow open car with the special plate at the front saying Mon 005 and listening to the music the boys the boys. Than you hear them insulting the Capulet’s. One of the guy in Montague is bald, with tattoo of Montague on his head . The music they hear is very cool and they wear sunglasses, and open Hawaiian shirts. The reason why the director put this music to show their personality. In other word to show how cool they are. The Montagu’s than go to the Gas station.
Benvolio get out from the car and goes to the toilet. He is Romeo’s cousin . Than we see a Capulet get out of his car, only you can see his feet he chucks his cigarette down. He is wearing cowboy shoes, and the background music is western music. By hearing that music you could say that person is not a good person and he is a very important person in the movie and he wants to fight. When he goes in the gas station some girls come out and one of Montague shows off by doing some nasty things. Than one of the Capulet come out of the car.
The car is blue and scary and on the number plate it says Cap 005. The person who comes from the car is very strong and when he removes his jacket you could see his gun saying Cap and the Montagues get scared because on their gun it says Mon and the both of the gangs hate eachother. Abra shows his silver teeth saying SIN and the Montagues fall back in shock into the car. Abra shouts Boo laughing at them. At first Montagues just stay there but after a little while he comes from behind and does bite my thumb Abra doesn’t reverse his car very fast.
Montague gets scared and panic they start to fill up with petrol. But Abra comes out his car and say do you mind your thumb at me sir one of Montague says I do mind my thumb sir. Montagues look at Benvolio is coming. The reason why they have icons on there cars,and guns to show the differences between these two families like to show that they are different from eachother. When Benvolio comes he takes his gun. And that’s were the fights start. One of the Montagues hides next to the car where the lady keeps hitting him.
And than Tybalt comes out and the western music starts as a background to set the mood. Tybalt is the cousin of Juliet. First Benvolio tries to avoid fights and keep peace between the families. Benvolio says drop your guns and have peace. But Tybalt says I hate the word peace as I hate hell like all Montague’s. When he says that the director keeps his camera on his eyes to shows the evil. He closes the camera on both the eyes of Tybalt and benvolio and on his mouth because he says the line from there. Than the little boy comes from behind and Tybalt takes his gun out and scared that little kid.
And than both gangs started to shot at eachother than the Montague who was getting hit by the women he scares her and start shooting but unfortunately he doesn’t know where he is shooting because he is keeping shooting at a sign saying Fuel Your fire he is keeping shooting at this sign. The sign is here to tell you that hold your fire. Then Tybalt who is showoff person he wears a black trouser and bullet proof red jacket with Jesus icons on them. He is keep diving and shooting one of his bullet hits Benvolios hand and his gun go straight under the car.
Than two of the Montague’s put petrol in the car they drop some of it on Benvolio. They both sit in the car and start driving it . Tybalt than bends down takes his jacket off. Takes another gun out and shots at montagues. Than Tybalt drop his cigarette and the fire starts Benvolio gets scared because some of the petrol is on his shirt. Benvolio than picks his gun and runs over cars and shooting at Tybalt. And the fire blasts all the gas station. Here the directors have to be fast because he has to keep zooming the camera. And note every thing happening in the scene.
And than you could hear traffic and shooting noise. Then you see helicopters in the air. And Benvlio and Tybalt looking at eachother in anger. The director focus o their eyes because you could see the anger in the eyes between them. In the background you could see people running and the cars are stopped. Than the prince who is sitting in the helicopter says to them that drop your guns. Than you see two cars in one car Capulet’s are sitting and in the other Montague’s . Montague’s says that give me my sword but his wife stops him.
Than they both sit inside the building where the prince says two civil wars and says you both disturbed our streets and if one more time you disturbed our streets than you will pay the fine. This part is to show that both families hate really hate eachother and the prince is trying to warn both of these. Than the director focus on Montague’s after that. All the Montague’s go to the beach where Romeo is sitting the background music is a very sad music. Romeo is sitting writing his diary and thinking about his Girlfriend Rosaline.
You could tell that by looking at his face that he doesn’t like what’s happening between these two families. He likes to spend much time alone because of the violence. Romeos mother talk to her husband about Romeo. You also could see the link between Benvolio and his shirt. Because on his shirt there are flowers and its all about the beach. And now they are on beach as well you could say that he spends most of his time on the beach. He than gets out of the car and says good morrow to his cousin they both walk and in the TV Romeo see’s what Benvolio did he tries to tell him that not to this because that way there won’t be any piece.
As an audience I would say that this movie is great. There are some really good unbelievable actions fight’s. The music is a sum and it really suits the movie. And it would make good money. Baz Luhrmann directed this movie superbly. The camera angles were perfect. The other actors are superb, and acted wonderfully in the movie. What Luhrmann did was both bold and brilliant, and he succeeded wonderfully. First people thought that Luhrmann destroyed the play’s beauty and power by setting it in modern times. In short words I would say love in first sight.

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