Disaster and recovery Term Project Paper and PPT

CONTENT: You will be developing a complete Disaster Recovery Plan to
be submitted to the executive board of your company.

 Only MS Word (.DOC) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats are
 Please note that this paper is an academic paper.
 All references (peer-reviewed) mostly must be cited appropriately
within the text and clearly avoid plagiarism.
 The length of the paper should be 12-15 pages, 1.5 spacing and
Times New Roman font. (Papers longer will result in less points)
 A minimum of 5 peer review references must be provided.
 The reference style is APA.
 You must use APA formatting (6th Edition)
 You can only submit the paper once.
 You cannot use the Turnitin score to test your plagiarism level. Do not
plagiarize in the first place.
 If the paper is NOT understandable, you will not get any points. Do
not use any spinner or synonym replacement software.

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Disaster and recovery Term Project Paper and PPT
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Here are some guidelines:
 Your PPT should reflect a summary of your DR Project Plan.
 You should have 12-15 slides.
 The design elements and content will be judged equally.


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