Digital Brochure

Create a digital brochure to be introduced at curriculum night to promote literacy in the home as well as a resource for families and the community to inform them of the various texts that will be implemented in the classroom to promote literacy.
Your tri-fold digital brochure should present the process of examining texts, as well as at-home technology tools and digital resources to advance student literacy development.
Your digital brochure should include the following:

Engaging front cover that identifies the grade level and content area
The importance of multiple texts to meet the specific needs and abilities of all students
Two examples of fiction and two examples of non-fiction texts with brief rationales describing the complexity and purpose for each, and how they will be implemented in the content area
Explanation of how texts are selected through quantitative and qualitative measures
One example of media and one example of technology, examining how each will creatively support literacy development
Two resources for families to support literacy development at home, and directions for how families can utilize them.

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Digital Brochure
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The brochure should be visually appealing with color, graphic elements, and variations in text.
Support your findings with a minimum of three resources.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide


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