Description of the House

The intimidating building brought terror the rough the walls. Moist beds from the children’s room from the endless nights of unnerving thoughts. The house represented nothing else but desperateness and loneliness. Happiness. The children will never achieve happiness. The house was distracting to all parents. The dull, dark walls took away the light from the depressed kids. It was like the light gave hope like a endless tunnel of loneliness with a spark of light at the end of the tunnel.
The obnoxious kids was never going to get love from a parent, they weren’t good enough, smart enough for love. But the only way to leave the place of loneliness was to have a person you loves you for who you are, the career never gave that to them. The children were stuck in a draught of thoughts of happiness. Night time in the orphanage time is the worst. The sun went down and the shadows scrawled in through the windows like a lion crawling for its prey. The house and the bushes outside were overgrown by the leafs.
The branches were wrapping round the trees like a gig hug from a loving parent which was ironic to the children inside. Night time was also the time when most dreamt about their real parents. They were regretting there life, like it was their fault they’re in a cave of loneliness. As soon as the sun went up the children’s hopes went up and their dreams became possible, until the career came in and blocked the sun with his body. Reality came in like a wrecking ball to hit the kids with loneliness. The house suffered in pain, the loneliness never left.

No wonder the children were never happy, the career never gave them the leaning of a true home. They never received the warmth of a mother being their or their father’s companionship within them. It was like a minute they had something nice in their life then reality came them a big wakeup call like when chilly wave crashes over your face and build goose bumps on your skin. The children’s cry echoed through the empty house and soul. The child’s face started to cry as it did not receive what it needs. The child was as lonely as a cloud going through the sky in it’s own pathway never attaching itself to anything.
The house was as big as the children’s dreams. ND hopes that could never be reached. The loud footsteps made the children’s teeth on the edge. If they didn’t obey there career, there soon was a shriek coming from the children’s rooms. The walls told a story of how many times the children were denied. The dull color of the walls brought, loneliness and negative thoughts like a pessimistic who will always be there. The dirty, wrecked clothes stood out in the room, the vibrant colors brought happiness which rapidly went down to loneliness like a reallocates of rejection, hate and solution.

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Description of the House
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