Deliverable 3 – Environmental and Cultural Effects

Analyze the impact that external environmental factors and culture have on consumer behavior.
You are the marketing manager for Best Fitness. The firm markets athletic footwear, sportswear, and accessories. Best Fitness has a reputation for manufacturing the finest products and is the leader in the industry.
Recently, the firm decided to introduce a new line of sportswear. You have been researching and collecting information on the different generations and their consumer behaviors and patterns from attendance at sportswear conventions, research on other brands the firm markets, articles from trade publications, and consumer research. The advertising agency, Burns & Associates will develop brand names, commercials, and website materials for you to review for the new product line so that a selection of the best marketing materials can be made.
Your manager, Michael Groza, has asked you to prepare an executive summary to Burns & Associates, providing them with the following information you’ve gathered on environmental factors and cultural impact on consumer behavior:

Definition of demographic information and behaviors of the generational cohorts.
Examples and explanations of how culture plays a part in the purchase decision of athletic sportswear for each generation.
List the behaviors of each generation relating to the purchase of fashion items in general, and athletic sportswear.
Explain how each generation uses social media to research and purchase products such as athletic footwear and apparel.
Define the preferred types of promotion materials that influence purchase behavior for each generation.

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Deliverable 3 – Environmental and Cultural Effects
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