Deliverable 1 – Narrative Paragraph

This deliverable will allow you to demonstrate the steps of the writing process and conventions of formal writing by creating a well-structured personal narrative paragraph.
Your small town advertising agency is growing quickly. You have just broken into the business having been employed for one year in an outside sales position. Hoping to use your skills to break into management, you are applying for the new opening for an advertising executive. The position will require you to form and manage a team to begin marketing textbooks for local school board adoption. You have filled out all the necessary paperwork for the new position except for a personal paragraph requirement.
Your assignment is to write a narrative paragraph containing a minimum of five sentences to send in with your other paperwork. In this personal paragraph, you must discuss your background and qualifications that make you suitable for the management position. Your paragraph should include the following:

A topic sentence that provides the main idea of your paragraph.
Three to six body sentences that support the main idea of the paragraph.
A concluding sentence at the end of the paragraph that ties together your main concepts.
All sentences should be complete sentences. When developing your sentences, take into consideration your personal history, ensure the sentences vary in complexity, and follow the rules of formal English grammar.

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Deliverable 1 – Narrative Paragraph
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