Deliverable 1 – narrated age group presentation


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Deliverable 1 – narrated age group presentation
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Explain the relationship between language and literacy development.


Through the lens of an experienced early childhood educator, you will produce digital resources and materials that can be shared with fellow educators and colleagues. These resources will highlight your growing expertise in this field.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children, or NAEYC, defines professional development as learning experiences designed to improve the knowledge, skills/behaviors, and attitudes/values of the early childhood workforce. These experiences must be evidence-based and structured to promote links between research and practice. These experiences should also be based on specific outcomes that define what professionals should know and be able to do for young children and families in regard to language and literacy development.

Consider the various stages in expressive and receptive language used in early childhood. Create a professional development resource that explains the relationship between language and literacy development in the following age groups: Birth-1 year, 12-24 months, 3-5 years. For this resource, create a narrated presentation focusing on specific activities and best practices that support literacy and language development.

The presentation can be created using a narrated Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, a Webinar, or another online tool that will make it accessible for viewing in an online platform. The information will be targeted at fellow early childhood professionals. The presentation must be orally narrated and include the following items:

  • 4-5 slides or screens for each age group (12-15 total)
  • For each age group, examine the 2-3 characteristics of the language and literacy stage
  • Include 2-3 experiences and/or activities in an early childhood setting that foster receptive and expressive language development
  • Include 1-2 ways fellow early childhood educators can implement the various activities and/or experiences into their curriculum
  • Include 2 scholarly sources that support these activities and their developmental appropriateness, cited in APA format

Here are a few resources that can help get you started:


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