Posted: June 19th, 2021

DB 1

Discussion Board (DB) 1: Writing Thesis Statements
Read the Instructions below BEFORE coming back to post COPY and PASTE your DB 1 responses: 
Consider each of the TOPIC WORDS below and write one thesis statement for each one.
Before you construct your thesis statements, however, first go to the Course Documents tab and download the following document: 4 Steps from Topics to Thesis Instructions Worksheet, specifically prepared to help you with the task of writing effective thesis statements. Download and keep this document handy for future reference this term.  
Outside of BB, pre-write, draft and revise your statements carefully. Remember, one thesis statement for each of the topics listed below
When you are ready, come back to Discussion Board Forum 1, click on CREATE NEW THREAD, then copy and paste your three original thesis statements directly onto the DB 1 forum.  Click on SUBMIT to post. Attaching documents to DB forums is not permitted.
To Post: Click on Create a New Thread to make your posts.  Submit all three statements as a single post.  
TOPIC WORDS: Each of the words below is intended as a noun (an idea)

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