Posted: May 28th, 2021


Use at least 2 primary/secondary scholarly references, along with your textbook, accessed through LINCCWEB to support your post. Your post must be a minimum of 4–6 complete paragraphs and a minimum of 400 words. You must use APA format for all citations in the body of your post and provide the references at the bottom of your post. References must be formatted using APA guidelines.
Discuss the following, using paragraph format.

Using your textbook and your scholarly sources, discuss the importance and impact of the therapist and their and frame of reference on the therapeutic context? (ie: The perspective of the counselor and the person of the counselor is bound to impact the therapy setting. What is being is asked for here is how is this relevant to the therapy setting and the therapeutic context)
Using your textbook and your scholarly sources, explain in depth the differences between individual and family therapy. It is very important that you support your discussion with evidence and do not give your opinion.
Using your textbook and other scholarly material as references, discuss how using a family approach to counseling is beneficial in Human Services practice.
Using your textbook and other scholarly material as references, discuss reasons that in order to be an ethical HUS professional, it is imperative and essential for a counselor to know their values, limitations, biases, and to understand reasons it is important to appreciate the challenges with objectivity related to their own family of origin issues.

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The Nichols textbook must be used as a one reference. Provide APA formatted reference information at the bottom of your post. The initial post will be a minimum of 400 words and a minimum of 4 paragraphs.
After you post your initial post, reply to two or more of your classmates’ postings (three additional postings are needed for an “Exemplary” grade). Reply to classmates by:

asking questions about the information in their post
responding to the usefulness of your classmate’s post material to HUS practice
offering additional material that is accessed from your sources that provides support for the material that is addressed by your classmate. This information must be obtained from your textbook, scholarly references, cited and the reference provided at the end of your reply.
Do not:

offer advice to your classmates
give your opinion about what they write
agree or disagree with your classmates
offer personal examples from your own life that may be similar to material offered by their classmates

For examples of correctly formed, formatted, cited, and referenced discussions posts, see this document: Student Discussion Example. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (Links to an external site.) to access this file.

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