Cultural Immersion Proposal – Assignment – Urgently Needed in 8-10 Hours

I just need a Proposal not the complete assignment for now

Assignment 2: Cultural Immersion Proposal (Approval)
Assignment Instructions:
Review the directions for this project.  After careful consideration, submit a brief proposal to your instructor detailing: 1) the group you’ve selected and 2) the gatherings that you anticipate attending.  Once your instructor has approved this plan, you can begin.  
Your task is to connect with a group in your community that meets the following three criteria: 1) that constitutes a unique “culture” or clear value system, 2) that is or has been disenfranchised or oppressed, AND 3) that you envision you could potentially need to know more about in your professional setting for which you are currently studying (i.e. counseling, teaching, administration).  This can include racial/cultural, sexual identity, religious/spiritual, economic, or ability diversity.   

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Cultural Immersion Proposal – Assignment – Urgently Needed in 8-10 Hours
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Step 1: Contact a leader or member of a group and interview a leader about how to interact with the group or find a “cultural guide” who can help you access the group appropriately.  Interview that person about the group: why they gather, what it means to them.
Step 2: You will attend at least 3 additional gatherings of people in this group, observing and interacting as appropriate. Engaging with individuals outside of the group gatherings is not encouraged.  For example, don’t accept invitations into people’s homes or invite individuals from the group to your home.  Keep this as a professional experience.  Ask yourself would I participate in this activity in my professional role? 
Step 3:  You will journal after each experience, outlining all of the following: 1) your reactions to the experience, 2) your thoughts and feelings about them, and 3) your thoughts and feelings about yourself in relation to them. NOTE: This journal will be submitted with your paper.


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