Cultural Assimilation and American Music Artists

good afternoon everyone, today i am going talk about the impact of americanization, First of all i will talk abiut some background of americanization and then i will talk about the positive and negative impact of it. what does americanisation mean? The word, of couse has many meanings,definitions and descriptions. the impact and influence of the US on the culture, politics,business practices and technology of other countries. Nowadays, people view America in the form of a role model and a leader in influencing other countries and have their culture blended in. deals, traditions, and ways of life. Do you notice that American culture has gradually assimilated into our society? Have you ever thought of how Americanization affects our daily life? However, it can be argued that the American culture domination poses a threat to culture diversity. Ranging from Hollywood, popular music, fast food to Disney cartoons, the world in which we live in would be imbued with less local colour. Unique festivals and rites celebrated by people of different culture round the world which filled the world with vibrancy are on the verge of extinction.
In addition, americanisation can also have other downsides,American culture has affected the mentality of Asians; such as increase in the number of abortion rates, illegitimate children and the surge in the number of single parents in there. Traditionally, were very conservative and the abovementioned problems were uncommon and condemned. This shows that the American culture has indirectly affected the mentality of Asians; although people generally disapprove of single parenting and abortion, the statistics prove otherwise.
The spread of American media including TV, film and American music artists, has been the main component of Americanization of other countries. American TV shows are broadcast around the world. Many of the shows are broadcast through American broadcasters and their subsidiaries such as HBO Asia, CNBC Europe, Fox Channel and CNN International. All of what is known as the “big four” American broadcasters have international distributors, for example HBO broadcasts to over 20 countries. Many of these distributors broadcast mainly American programming on their TV channels.

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Cultural Assimilation and American Music Artists
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