Critique biologyv

See syllabus for full instructions and grading information
Addresses Course Outcome #1

recognize the use of the scientific method to weigh evidence, make decisions, and solve problems
apply knowledge of cellular and molecular processes to understand infectious disease mechanisms
synthesize knowledge of microbial pathogenesis and disease prevention methods and communicate this knowledge to the community

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Critique biologyv
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To critically review the work of a classmate. Specifically, your review must assess whether the critique your classmate submitted accuratelyevaluates the selected article.

For this assignment, you will:

Read the critique of one student in the class (you must select an article that is different from the article you critiqued).
Provide your opinion about the quality of the science/experiments in the article. Explain fully.
What did you learn?
What other questions could be asked to further this information?
Provide other resources (websites) or additional information related to this topic.
Can you relate the information to something in your own life or the news?


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