Posted: June 3rd, 2021

Critical Incident Response

 Prepare a four to six page analyses of a critical incident response issue(s) in the context of historical event or events. The paper will be prepared in accordance with APA (6th) format. The paper should also reference any relevant government policy. Other sources should be evaluated for their credibility (just because it is on the web does not mean it is an accurate trusted source). The issue must also be linked to experience in at least one critical incident as part of the discussion. Previous incidents will be discussed in the scholarly articles; more information can be developed directly from AAR reports.   
  Question. Convergence in the Response to Critical Incidents (focus on personal, material, or informational convergence)  Considering, Convergence, Coordination and Social Capital in Disasters:  Convergence Behavior in Disasters: A Problem of Social Control:  Personal Convergence: Spontaneous Volunteer Response to Disasters: The Benefits and Consequences of Good Intentions:  Material Convergence: Estimating Material Convergence: Flow of Donations for Hurricane Katrina:  Informational Convergence: Site-seeing in disaster: An examination of on-line social convergence (Library):

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Critical Incident Response
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