Critical Analysis Paper

Is there an effect of ozone on populations residing in major cities in the United States?

Format is as follows:

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Critical Analysis Paper
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12-point font
Standard MS Word margins (1″)
Inline Citation using Parenthetical Reference (Last name, Year)
2,500 words which is about 10 pages
Number all pages

Paper Organization

Name and Title

Use a title that encompasses what the reader is about to experience


A synopsis of the background information needed to understand what you researched and to catch the reader up-to-date with the subject matter at hand.


This section will not be titled (body), you will use your own headers that fit the research e.g. Geologic History for a paper on the San Andreas fault. There may be many different headings in the body to address a multitude of points regarding your research.


Sum up your findings and thoughts in this segment.


All references cited within your paper in alphabetical order, last name first.
Wikipedia and other non-journal resources are not allowed, basically if it doesn’t have an author do not use it.
References go on a separate page(s) at the end of your paper.

Figures (optional)

Attach any figures that help enhance your argument. 
Always inline reference your figures in numerical order as they occur in your paper.
Sometimes figures/images/charts etc. are worth a thousand words and can convey a lot of information in a small area.


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