Criminal Justice

Write a 1-2 page paper/essay. Include the internet link to support your topic.
Due February 16
Popular Media Reflection Paper
Locate one article on any aspect of family violence that has been published in a popular
magazine or newspaper (e.g., Time, Newsweek, Redbook, Popular Psychology,
VA Pilot, U.S.A. Today, Washington Post, New York Times, etc.).
Discuss your chosen article by writing a 3-5 page critical review (summarize and evaluate) based on the following

What is the definition of family violence in the popular media (chosen article)?
According to your article, how common is this type of family violence?
What was done to the offender? For the victim?
What treatment or prevention program is recommended in the article?
How do you estimate the value of this article, particularly from a criminal justice

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Criminal Justice
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The protecting of victims vs. the rights of the accused
Women who kill abusing husbands
Punishment for murder of the abused 
Marital rape
Protecting children from abusive parents
Children who kill abusing parents
Child abuse: the hidden crime
Solving Family Violence
Battered Women’s syndrome as a defense


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