Posted: June 5th, 2021

Conflict theory

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Conflict theory application Instructions 

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Conflict theory
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Your Conflict Theory application assignment is as follows:
Please watch the attached episode of the program “Arrested Development.” After viewing the program, you will apply conflict theory to the family dynamic by answering the following questions. Specifically, please do the following:
1) Use one assumption from Conflict theory and discuss Michael’s  overall relationship with his 3 other siblings. Why do you believe the assumption you selected fits as a good description for the sibling dynamic?
2) Focus in on Michael’s relationship with his twin sister, Lindsay. Discuss two concepts that would apply to their sibling relationship and one proposition that would help to explain the conflict in their relationship. 
3) Finally, after watching the episode, do you believe Michael and Lindsay have resolved  their conflict or simply managed it. (Make sure you understand the difference between these two concepts).
PLEASE NOTE: The first minute of this episode is cut off for some reason so here is the background for the one minute you cannot see: George Bluth’ and his wife have 4 grown children. They have all gathered together for a huge party on a yacht to celebrate George’s retirement. Son Michael has arrived at the party thinking he is going to be named the new President of the company…. So when the program opens (one minute in to the episode) the family members are on the boat for the party. This info helps set the stage for your viewing! 🙂

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