Compulsory Voting

Compulsory Voting Compulsory voting would result in a decrease in the quality and accuracy of voting results and political leadership. Countries such as Australia do not take many factors into consideration when they require their citizens to vote in local, state, and national elections. Compulsory voting causes skewed results and stress for citizens who are not physically fit or mentally competent enough to vote accurately. Apathy and uneducated citizens can result in invalid voting results.
If all people were forced to vote, uneducated citizens who are not familiar with the issues and concerns on the ballot might cast random, careless votes. Voters who are complacent about their country’s government would also create skewed results because they are not likely to research the topics they vote on. Secondly, each individual who is knowledgeable has a greater impact on the final results. These citizens who are informed, keep up with current events, and take the time to vote voluntarily because they recognize the importance of it should be rewarded.
In many countries, citizens do not have an influence in government decisions. In parts of the world where citizens have the right to vote, the only method to create an accurate representation of the desires of citizens is to leave voting voluntary, not compulsory. Implementing a required voting system would be inconsiderate to many people and would cause many negative effects in society. It does not take into account citizens who are elderly, mentally or physically incompetent, or struggling financially. For elderly people, leaving the home in order to vote may enervate them.

Many other groups of people might find it challenging to vote, such as those who can not afford gas or a car to drive the voting site. Some may not own a TV or a computer to research the candidates or issues they are supposed to vote for. With everyday stresses such as children, work, and finances, adding voting as a requirement for all would cause chaos. The government would have to grant exceptions to some citizens who are unable to vote, possibly causing disorder and lawsuits in the court system from people who believe they should be excused from voting.
In every nation, residents should be given the choice to participate in influencing government affairs if they so choose. It would prevent inaccurate results by not forcing citizens who are unaware of the candidates or issues to vote, and would reward those who voluntarily take time out of their day to vote and research the issues. Discrimination against people who are unable to vote would also not occur. Voting should be encouraged by the government, but enforcing it would impinge on citizens and would be a disservice to society.

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Compulsory Voting
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