Posted: June 20th, 2021

Completing the research project

Based on the feedback you received in the Module 7 discussion via the peer-review process and from your instructor, address the following:

Before drafting your initial post, take time to reflect on everything you learned about argument, logic, and fallacy over the last few weeks.
Reread your draft with an eye on logic and make note of any fallacies you catch or claims that lack support.
Take another look at your draft with a focus on your use of outside sources. Look for missing quotation marks, poorly paraphrased information, and in-text citations. Make note of any errors or concerns you discover. Tell us about the main areas of your paper that need work.

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Completing the research project
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How do you plan to adjust your paper to “fix” any areas that need improvement?
Note whether your reviewers thought you addressed a main purpose/thesis in your paper.
Did your reviewer think you reached your audience? Do you think you reached your audience?
As you move on to other courses, how do you plan to use what you learned in this class to expand your critical writing skills? How might you use these skills for workplace writing?

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